Story Continued 

Xtasy-revamped, is a special hormone drug that has been specificly chosen to be implemented into the diet of specially selected sets of twins and triplets around the world. It heightens their physical activity, and senses so that pheromones are easier to detect, and excrete amongst each other. They have all been flown out to Cabo, Mexico where they thought they signed up to be in a mansion to coexist with other twins/triplets like themselves. Arriving at the meeting spot by the beach, they were surprised to find several private jet planes awaiting for them. While their purpose for being in this show  was still the same, their perks had increased vastly. The private jet airplanes took them to an off the map island, where all the amenmiites they have always wanted await for them. The island is very developed with everything a successful city needs, but with a more island feel to it. 

In the heart of the island, is the mansion where the cast will be sleeping in. The mansion is divided into two separate wings, dividing the two teams from each other. It is made solely for sleeping purposes, as no rules indicate that they cannot roam into the other team’s wings. In fact, they encourage mingling, though the points awarded will have more advantage to those whoget to know each other better within their groups. Everything is being filmed and broadcasted world wide. While some of our contestants prefer to do as they please, instead of accumulating points, they are free to do so, but are kept from the prize winnings. Those who accumulate the most points a week are given special privileges. Airplane tickets, the choice to mate with one person for a week in their private cabana, and much more. 

It all boils down to the end, from which one winner will win three million dollars, a photo shoot spread for Entertainment Weekly, and a kept secret third prize.